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Smart Tech: Top Jewellery Picks

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Smart jewellery has been around for a while now. With Virtual Reality taking up so much of the media’s attention, smart jewellery is one of lesser-covered aspects of wearable tech. By combining useful technology – like fitness and sleep trackers – and beautiful design, companies are producing high-end products that wouldn’t look out of place on any catwalk. But we’re really interested in the technology within. As tech-experts, we really care about how these products can improve your life.

With the help of Katie jones from orlajames.com we’ve taken a deeper look at the tech behind these products –

Bellabeat’s Leaf Urban

This leaf-shaped pendant can either be worn as a bracelet or necklace, which immediately makes it really versatile compared to most smart-tech products. It tracks your activity using highly accurate sensors that measures every step-based movement. Unlike most fitness trackers, the Leaf doesn’t just provide you exercise-based data, it can track fitness, mindfulness, sleep and even stress levels. It can tell how long you spend in each sleep-cycle, which has a direct effect on your mental health, and can provide in-depth insights on your reproductive health, including pre-menstrual cycle and period advice. This information is provided through their impressive app, which then gives advice on how to improve areas of your life with exercises like guided meditation, a favourite from Hunt Digital.

Kate Spade Holland

Unlike the Google Watch and other smart watches, the Kate Spade Holland looks just like a normal watch, and a pretty attractive one at that. That’s what makes it such an important player in the smart jewellery sector. Consumers want all the advantages of smart technology, whilst not having to make concessions with their fashion. It has all the expected features, including fitness and sleep trackers, notification from all major social media and excellent connectivity with both Android and Apple phones. It is quite expensive, but you are paying for both quality and connectivity!

Misfit Ray

The Misfit Ray is the perfect combination of fashion and tech. You can change the band that fits around the wrist meaning it can be adapted to meet the customer’s style. With a sleek band, you really wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s a piece of smart jewellery at all.

It has a small LED screen for notifications and loads of great features. It’s mainly a fitness tracker, with the ability to track steps, calories burnt and specific sports. It is also waterproof to 50 meters which makes it perfect for swimmers. Unlike lots of fitness trackers, the Misfit Ray can be connected to your smartphone or device and used to trigger a few actions like taking selfies and changing songs on Spotify.

Ringly Aries Smart Ring

Ringly is one of the big players on the smart jewellery market. That’s why there was so much hype around their new smart ring when it was released. It covers the fashion-side of things by coming in 18K gold or stainless steel and having multiple different gemstones for customers to choose from.

And for the tech side, it can provide notifications from over 100 connected apps and track your activity to provide in-depth insights on the app. It’s not as advanced as some fitness trackers, but more than makes up for that in style. You can find great designs at freakprint.co.uk.

Ringly Aries Bracelet

Another product from Ringly, this bracelet deserves a mention for how subtle it is. To the untrained eye, this could just be a normal gold bracelet, but it does a whole lot more than that. Like most smart jewellery it has a fitness tracker that tracks your heartbeat, sleep and activity as well as notifications from up to 100 apps.

Like the Ringly Aries Smart Ring it comes with a great variety of gemstones and is available in 14K gold or polished stainless steel.

Oura Ring

Another smart ring, the Oura Ring is designed purely to improve your sleep. It uses advanced sensors to measure your pulse and temperature and gives you an in-depth analysis on the quality of your sleep. The app can then provide you with invaluable information to get better sleep with will lead to better mental health and a better quality of life. It comes in an impressive variety of sizes and colours which means it is a subtle as wearing a normal titanium ring.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the undisputed king of the smart jewellery world. Like all Apple products, there was doubt as to whether anyone would want to use them and if they would be worth the money, but as normal they have been proved right on both counts.

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