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Printing on Foamex

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One of the most popular things in the printing world, Foamex sheets are an extremely versatile marketing product used today. Used for signboards (both large and small), advertisement boards, pop-up windows, fake wall partitions, hanging signs, display decorations, shop windows, and so on, the uses of Foamex are limitless.


Where does Foamex come from?

Foamex is a registered patented trademark brand of the Swiss company 3A Composites. Foamex rigid foam panels were copyrighted almost 30 years ago and are available through various subsidiaries of 3A Composites in Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle East, and around the world.

It was initially made only in white color for ease of printing but is now available in a variety of colors according to specification.


What is Foamex?

Foamex is a specialized plastic made out of a specially designed molecular PVC that makes it an excellent option for high quality, precise and efficient printing in bright and long-lasting colors. Extremely durable and lightweight, it is easy to cut. Due to the PVC properties, Foamex is waterproof and can be used outdoors.

It is a fabrication-friendly material that allows for cutting in all shapes and sizes. It is easy to drill, cut, bend, and glue. You can also print text, pictures, logos, and all other methods of branding. Foamex is available in 3 mm, 5 mm, and 10 mm, and can be made to order up to 19 mm.


What are the key points of Foamex?

  • Foamex is extremely easy to print on. The molecular structure of the PVC used in the manufacturing of Foamex gives the material an even, flat, and white look on the surface. These properties enable a smooth printing process without any excessive costs associated.
  • Prints on Foamex come out with an even matte finish due to its white background and molecular PVC properties. If companies require a glossy finish to the finished printing product, a UV varnish can be added to add a lustrous and silky texture. Adding UV varnish also adds to the durability of the Foamex by giving the panels extra protection from the elements.
  • Since Foamex is highly durable, it is possible for it to withstand wear and tear due to harsh weather conditions. These properties make it ideal for outdoor signages, boards, banners, and panels. As Foamex is made from PVC expanded vinyl, it is completely waterproof and can withstand excessive rains.
  • Foamex is available in different thicknesses, depending on the requirement, and fabrication is easily done up to 19 mm for outdoor panels.
  • Foamex is an extremely lightweight and durable material, which facilitates transportation and installation over long distances.
  • Since Foamex is made of expanded vinyl, it can be reused several times without facing any wear and tear. The material does not fade or shrink over time and can stand the harshness of the sun or desert with ease. However, prolonged exposure to the sun over several years may cause some of the print or text to fade.
  • Foamex is fire-resistant and does not combust easily. This property of Foamex makes it an excellent alternative to cardboard and wooden boards in factories and storefronts.
  • Foamex, being lightweight and durable, can be affixed using Velcro tape panels, double sided tape, and suction cups. For outdoors mounting, screws, rivets or nails can be used to secure the board or sign.


What are the various uses of Foamex?

Foamex is most popularly used in signages, posters, and banners. Some examples of uses are given below.

  • Indoor signs
  • Outdoor signs
  • Banners
  • Exhibition Panels
  • Window displays
  • Theatrical backdrop displays
  • Stage skirts
  • Direction panels and signals
  • Point of Sale banners and signs
  • Advertising boards
  • Office desk displays
  • Business signboards
  • Office signs and interior prints
  • Plaques for office use


What are the advantages of printing on Foamex?

Foamex is a cheaper alternative to printing on aluminium, MDF, or plywood. It is also more durable than either of these materials. The smooth finish and texture of Foamex adds to the attractiveness of the sign, banner, or poster being printed and makes it stand out from the rest.

The long-lasting advertising applications of Foamex are more significant than other materials that need constant recycling and rework. The flat texture of Foamex ensures that it can be cut to any shape, size, or thickness depending on the unique requirements of clients.

Visually pleasing, bright, and glossy colors come to life when printed on Foamex, making the signages, banners, and posters look more expensive than their other counterparts. The cellular structure of the expanded vinyl PVC makes it an ideal choice for professionals like interior decorators and designers and digital printers, added Direct Flooring Online who is selling wood flooring for living room.

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